Spanscreen Fencing

Spanscreen Fencing in Melbourne

SPANSCREEN® fencing, with its highly distinctive shape and styling elements, is an attractive option that won’t put a dent in your pocket. It perfectly blends with the modern and the old, which makes it very versatile.

Our SPANSCREEN® fencing in Melbourne has additional colour options that are not available to other members of the Colorbond fencing family.

On top of this, SPANSCREEN® also comes with additional lattice and ball cap kits, ensuring your new fencing can easily complement your property.

Guaranteed strength

Another unique feature of SPANSCREEN® fencing is its remarkable durability and elemental resistance. It has been tested against cyclone conditions and passed all of the tests.

Its resistance to rust makes it an ideal for use around the pool, and other areas of your property that can tend to get wet. All of our range of products come with gate settings and optional lattice and ball caps, meaning you can now personalise your recreational area exactly to your liking.

Talk to the SPANSCREEN® experts

With our experience in supplying and installing the entire range, you can trust us to guide you through the process of determining which option will suit your property.

We also have, in our showroom, an exceptional quantity of the signature shades. Meaning that your new SPANSCREEN® fencing in Melbourne will be easily tailored to the desired look and feel of your home or property.

We look forward to building your next great fence. Call us today on 03 9753 5322 for friendly service, and the highest quality at the best prices. We accept EFTPOS and Visa Card Payments.