Timber Retaining Walls in Melbourne

Installation of timber retaining walls in Melbourne

Retaining walls have addressed the need for backyards to be both accessible and attractive. Our experience in building tough, attractive retaining walls in Melbourne means that you always get the best.

We install with timber sleepers, using steel “C” and “H” channels. The combination of steel and timber gives a fantastic look, and is able to blend fantastically with your garden. The timber retaining walls looks great for residential applications.

What do retaining walls do?

The purpose of a retaining wall is to keep soil in place that would otherwise move downward on slopes, and away from the intended area.  This will provide varying elevation levels for garden beds, lawns and other landscaped areas.

Timber retaining walls support a wedge of soil. The “wedge” is defined as the soil which extends beyond the”failure plane”. The construction will reduce the size of the wedge, depending on how far back the retaining  wall extends.

Basically, installing a retaining wall will keep everything secure, level, and safe for sloped areas.

What are the benefits?

Add value, and space to your property

As well as being affordable, they can add property value by increasing the versatility of your backyard. Retaining walls add space, and make gardening more enjoyable.

Durable and low maintenance

After your timber retaining wall build and installation, there is nothing left to do but give it a spray with a hose every now and then to clean it. They are made from natural timber, and are able to withstand any weather conditions.

Our retaining walls are safe for the environment

Retaining walls reduce flooding issues, and are able to stop damage to the soil within the area. Our range is made timber sleepers, that reacts naturally with the vegetation around them, adding safety.

At Fletcher’s, we guarantee that our range can help to preserve the landscape, and add a great look your yard.

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