Post and Wire Fencing

Post and Wire Fencing is a cost effective property boundary solution

Post and wire fencing is a practical and cost effective way to provide your property in Melbourne with a secure, lasting, and durable boundary. It’s perfect for managing rural areas, stock and pets, and keeping out unwanted pests that may damage or harm your livestock or home.

This type of fencing is also suitable for residential use, and with many styles and designs to choose from, they can make the fencing around your home both attractive and protected.

Perfect for rural fencing and farmland

Because of the affordability, a post and wire fence is the ideal solution for large areas. It is also very easy to install, and our fencing crew will be in and out in no time. It also allows a line of site through the fence line. This gives a sense of space, which is ideal for properties that require an unobstructed line of site to see any oncoming dangers. Our range of emu wire fencing is also a great choice.

What can Post and Wire Fencing be used for?

  • Managing pens, paddocks and other areas where animals may be enclosed.
  • Boundary delineation
  • Temporary restriction
  • Large property boundaries require fencing with low maintenance. Post and wire fencing requires very little cleaning. Walking along your boundary every once in a while to check for obstructions and hazards is all that is required.
  • It is also a good solution for residential areas. The old days of ugly wire fencing is long gone. With modern post and wire fencing, we have many designs that look great, and increase the value of your property.

Give our fencing builders in Melbourne a call today to discuss how a post and wire fence can provide an affordable, low maintenance fencing for your property.