Picket Fencing

Picket Fencing in Melbourne

Picket fencing has been a favourite for Melbourne households for over a century, with many intricate and stunning designs on show throughout the inner city and suburbs. The original picket fence was a sign of distinction, and showcased a number of amazing styles. These designs have been replicated in the modern era.

With the advancement of technology and refined woodcutting procedures, the options for picket fencing are plentiful. They also offer a cost effective alternative to other types of timber fencing.

Open up your property

The design of our picket fencing in Melbourne allows a clear view of the front of your house. They also complement the vintage designs of these older homes, adding to the already current charm.

Not only do they look great, they are also very strong and durable. They provide security, and give a sleeker appearance than heavy security fencing. With great designs, picket fencing also allows a view beyond the fence-line, depending on the spacing between the pickets.

The experts in picket fencing

When it comes to attractive and affordable picket fencing in Melbourne, Fletcher’s Fencing are your first port-of-call. Our showroom represents some of the finest and most intricately designed, picket fences available anywhere today, and can be easily installed by our experienced and efficient staff. Call our fence builders in Melbourne on (03) 9753 5322 and see what pickets can do to transform your property.