Heritage Wire Fencing

Heritage Wire Fencing in Melbourne

Over many decades, our Heritage wire fencing in Melbourne has become a highly sought type of woven wire fencing with a varied range of ornamental type of gates to suit heritage fence solution.

Heritage wire can be found proving its versatility throughout Victoria.  It also has many practical uses, with Heritage wire being instrumental in effectively segregating vast tracts of farmland and protecting habitats from unwanted incursions.

Its easily malleable form, low maintenance, and provide resistance against the extremes of the Australian climate have endeared Heritage wire to multiple generations. Add to these the intricate designs that typify many of our old, grand, inner city properties, and it is easy to understand just how Heritage wire fencing in Melbourne has become so popular.

Affordable and durable, Heritage Fencing.

Whether it be for purely agricultural purposes, or to add a touch of Victorian Era nostalgia to your property, you can count on Fletcher’s to tailor it to your needs.

We install Heritage wire and heritage fencing fast and without hassle, causing as little disruption to your routine as possible. With all of our products locally sourced, you can be assured that your product will be of the highest standard possible. We also offer post and wire fencing, which is a great solution to large enclosures such as paddocks.

We become the first choice for those looking to attain their very own piece of Victorian history. Our showroom presents a large array of design ideas to complement the home, all coming with our trademark guarantee of the highest quality Heritage wire fencing in Melbourne. Our design range includes galvanised or powder coated wire picket fences and gates and cast iron Angelinas. You also have the option to choose variety of colours.

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