Automatic gates in Melbourne.

Melbourne’s leading provider of customised and automated security gates, Fletcher’s Fencing has been in the business of automation gates for commercial and residential properties for over 20 years. If you are looking to enhance your curb appeal, add to the convenience without compromising on the security, call Fletcher’s Fencing on 03 9753 5322

Our time-tested automated gates in Melbourne are innovative, reliable and budget solutions to homes and industries alike. Available in a variety of materials including timber, aluminum, and steel, we are renowned for easy and reliable motorised gate options.

What are automatic gates?

As the name suggests, these are gates which open and close automatically and controlled using electric motors. The transmitter in your car sends your “command” to open or close the gate which is accepted by a receiver installed in the gate motor. This means you can control the gates from the comfort of your car.

Automatic gates in Melbourne, have come a long way, thanks to the advancements in technology and manufacturing of metals. Some of the gate options Melbourne can choose from are:


Also known as Crank arm operators, articulated gates are suitable for wide entrances. Easy to install. These are low lying gates are often made of aluminum.


Open for configuration for 2m wide gates to 6 m wide gates, swing gates are ideal for homes and businesses to give additional safety and privacy with remote controlled front gate accessibility.


More suitable for underground parking, overhead automatic gates are heavy and need powerful motors to handle the weight. Also known as crank-arm operator


Sliding gates are budget automatic gate solutions, most suitable for establishments with limited space or if the driveway behind the gate is steep. They work on sliding mechanism and are pretty popular in commercial setups with cantilever gate systems. Sliding gates usually require one motor hence need lower maintenance and upkeep.


Also known as ‘Under-gate Jack operators’, underground gates use the pivot point of each gate to move it directly. It is ideal only for spaces which are at low risk of trespassing.