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It will surprise many to know that contemporary aluma balustrades fencing has a rich, vibrant past. A creation of the famed Assyrian Empire, balusters – also commonly referred to as banisters – were originally designed as a supporting tool for windows. It wasn’t until the Renaissance Era where the architectural potential of balustrades was realised.

Contemporary Balustrade Solutions

Today, they are a key decorative focal point for stairways, accessible pathways, balconies and terraces. Clever use of the open space created by balustrades, can include glass or perspex screens, which are ideal for protecting the enclosed area from wind and rain.

The individual balusters themselves reflect this versatility, coming in a wide range of materials, of which aluma is the most popular. Aluma is a specific, powder coated aluminium compound that is guaranteed to be resilient to rust and warping, whilst providing unrivaled support and strength.

As a result, balustrades fencing can be found in a wide variety of public and private spaces.

What types do we install?

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